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Factors affecting a CCB’s decision can include the project’s phase of development, budget, schedule, and quality goals. Our church management software is chock full of organizational features to support your ministry –  automated check-ins, event registrations, volunteer scheduling, and more. Even more eloquently stated, Church Community Builder’s software is a web-based church management solution designed to help church leaders build and support a more connected, smoother running ministry. An all-in-one church management software (ChMS) that scales and grows with your church.

Interact with the chart below to compare the features and pricing of the top 10 ChMS systems to Breeze Church Management. Seriously, though….Church Community Builder definitely has saved our church. We started as a church plant on a college campus where we were mobile on Sundays and very heavy small group based. CCB allowed us ease of communicating with people and keeping up with visitors and regular attenders alike. We use literally every feature CCB offers that we can afford and it has served us immensely well.

Increase giving, build engagement, and fulfill your mission.

These enterprise-level certificates maintained through Comodo Cybersecurity, provide assurance that your data is protected between our servers and your computer. A gift/donation is made to your church via the mobile app, text-to-give, or online giving from your church’s website. When matching is complete you can create your batch and be done. In these cases, an Emergency Change Advisory Board (eCAB) can be formed as a temporary subset of the routine CAB. The eCAB may include some or all individuals from the CAB, and this group will meet outside the normal schedule to review the necessary emergency change(s).

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Usually, if top leaders or C-suite executives sit in the CAB, then it has highest authority. The organization’s change management policy will define the CAB’s constitution and its scope, which can include anything from proposals and deployments to changes to roles and documentation. The Change Control Board and the Change Advisory Board are similar organizational structures play vital roles in decision making. ChurchTechToday is the #1 church technology website for pastors, communicators, and leaders.

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If you have an internal team that’s a valued asset, but needs additional support, we can manage your technology together. If the demands of maintaining an IT infrastructure are overwhelming and distracting ccb definition due to little or no IT staff, CCB has a comprehensive solution that manages and supports your entire network. Simplify event tracking and management, integrating everything with the Pushpay platform.

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Streamline operations and support multiple parish locations with seamless collaboration and unified communication. Engage your parishioners and encourage active participation with interactive and mobile-responsive forms. Streamline volunteer sign-ups and schedules to encourage parishioners to contribute their time and talents.

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Strengthen donor relationships with comprehensive insights and reports to help your parish increase offertory. Equip your pastoral team with private and personalized records of interactions, prayer requests, and pastoral care. Get actionable insights to fuel your ministry impact and drive meaningful engagement. Streamline operations and content across multiple church locations, for seamless collaboration and unified communication. Incorporate ChMS tools to your website, including calendars, event sign-ups, and more.

  • As stated above, if the reports could become standardized – those too would be stronger.
  • Ensure every donation has a chance to process and grow with patented and proprietary features.
  • We have no additional fees for support or consulting and so anyone at your church can reach out to us with questions.
  • Enhance parishioners giving experiences with personalized, parish-specific options and features.

At every meeting, the Change Advisory Board reviews requested changes using a standard evaluation framework. That framework should consider all dimensions of the change, including service and technical components, business and customer alignment, and compliance and risk. The CAB must also look for conflicting requests—these cases in particular require CAB members to maintain holistic, business-outcomes views that don’t favor the particular team or individual seeking the change. When it comes to management and control of changes to services and service components, one of the biggest challenges is determining who has the authority to make change decisions. We weren’t using other things before using CCB, but we looked into a few other programs to do what CCB has brought to us.

Know Your People

We also assume that most small and mid-sized churches don’t have an IT person on staff. As a result we see our role as being the IT department for the churches we serve, at least in the scope of Breeze. We have a lot of respect for the team over at Church Community Builder (CCB) and what they’re doing. In fact our recommendation to large and mega churches looking for a solution that has all the bells and whistles is CCB (check out that article here).

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If your church has a large database, we suggest that you contact CCB and ask them to increase your API call allowance for the limited time you are setting up your new integration. Do I have to be an official church member to have an account within CCB? For a user to have access to CCB they must either be provided login credentials or request it (and then be approved). It utilizes high-grade 256-bit certificates and modern TLS to encrypt access to the application, regardless of whether it’s user logins, accessing user data, or processing financial transaction data.

“I highly recommend working with CCB.”

Visual Basic is used to create Windows, Web, mobile, and Office applications. The ccb files are configuration files for animated buttons for Visual Basic. Our proprietary source control process allows your company to manage changes to your CC&B implementation, including version control and history. Our ALM solution gives you full control over your CC&B development and deployment processes across multiple environments. Our automated testing framework was designed based on real-world business requirements, enabling you to develop tests that meet your specific needs.

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A dedicated manager is assigned to you to ensure your success. Boost generosity, grow donations, and support your parishioners through their faith journey with a best-in-class giving experience. CCB is a web-based tool, so there’s no software to install. To print labels for check-in, you’ll need to set up the printers. Church Community Builder has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating at Capterra. Reviews mentioned excellent customer service and a feature-rich product.

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This takes a significant load off of the administrator by allowing others to use the database. And each user can have different permissions, ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections. We’d love to make the decision as easy as possible and so we’ve put together some information comparing Breeze with Church Community Builder software.

Database Integrations

It doesn’t matter how big your church is, how many people are in your database, or how many users you have accessing Breeze. Manage facilities and assets needed for church events with our room and resource management tool. Get the right people involved with specific approvals, reports, and calendars for each room and resource. Poor change control can significantly impact the project in terms of scope, cost, time, risk, and benefits. Therefore, it is crucial that the CCB members are sufficiently equipped with information, experience, and support necessary to make the best decisions.

You can enter notes to record information such as when a campus pastor spoke with this visitor for the first time. Our Test solution increases the reliability and maintainability of CC&B by providing you with a suite of automated regression testing tools. You’ll save time, cost and stress when we implement a customized solution that grows with your business. Gain insights into how engaged your community is with reporting into giving and participation with the app.