Is A Masters Degree In Accounting Worth It? 7 Questions To Ask

Is a Master’s Degree in Accounting Worth It?

The title of CPA is highly sought after because only those who have put in additional time, effort, and expense are able to use it. Many fresh graduates decide to work for a management consulting firm for a period after their schooling is over. This field not only pays well but will also provide you with the experience you need to decide where you would like to focus your professional energies.

Is a Master’s Degree in Accounting Worth It?

All in all, a master of accounting can distinguish you from other accountants in this competitive field and better prepare you for managerial accounting positions and certifications like the CPA. The benefits move beyond sharpening your skills as you develop a network of other like-minded professionals. Throughout your time in grad school, you have access to accounting industry professionals who can aid in your career growth and development. Professors of accounting graduate programs offer a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. This may benefit you during your time in graduate school as well as in post-grad networking situations. If becoming a certified public accountant is your goal, a master’s in accounting provides preparation for theCPA exam. Additionally,most states require accountants to have 150 hours of course creditbefore one can obtain their CPA license.

Jobs For Masters In Accounting Graduates

Some programs will allow students to use their work experience to satisfy internship requirements. This online university offers more than 150 degree and certificate programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Yes, an accounting major is a good major for many undergraduate students. Common careers in the field include financial managers, analysts,, and accountants. Master’s in accounting – general track can help provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully enter the field of accounting. Through the seamless integration of business and accounting, you can obtain the tools needed to effectively lead in the accounting world. This program offers you the flexibility to pursue electives in what interests you most, allowing you room for exploration and preparing you for a variety of paths in accounting.

Is a Master’s Degree in Accounting Worth It?

Abudget analystis in charge of analyzing an organization’s monthly budgeting and accounting reports in order to maintain expenditure controls. You’ll also examine budget estimates for completeness, accuracy and conformance with procedures and regulations. Some students may also be offered the opportunity to undertake a project for an external organization. Like many other fields, there are multiple levels of education for those who want to become bookkeepers or accountants. Ultimately, that’s a personal choice but with projected growth and a wide range of responsibilities available in the field, there certainly are many career options. Although they are both doctoral degrees, A DBA is a professional degree, and a PhD is an academic one. A DBA is for professionals who want to keep working in the industry and move up in positions, as opposed to a PhD, which is intended for professionals who wish to continue with teaching or research.

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As you can see, there are some significant salary differences when comparing an MS in taxation vs. accounting, for example. Since your bachelor’s Is a Master’s Degree in Accounting Worth It? is worth 120 hours and your master’s is worth at least 30 hours, you’ll have 150 hours and will be eligible for the CPA Exam.

Accounting is at the heart of all business, so professionals equipped with advanced accounting knowledge and skills have access to a variety of career paths. Some colleges and universities offering a master of accounting online have preferred the GMAT. However, other online master’s of accounting programs don’t require test scores at all. With a bachelor’s in accounting online degree, many students take their first steps into the world of finance and accounting. A bachelor of accounting degree online teaches graduates to interpret financial regulations and prepare tax returns. An online bachelor’s degree in accounting also prepares students to audit company finances or create reports for stakeholders. Established in 1916, AACSB requires schools to interact with the local community.

Is a Master’s Degree in Accounting Worth It?

The BLS also projects jobs for these professionals to grow at an above-average rate. Shifting trends in education are pushing learners toward online graduate accounting programs.

Certified Public Accountant

It is also the largest university in South Carolina, with a total enrollment of about 50,000 students in fall 2017. U of M Twin Citieshas been accredited continuously by the Higher Learning Commission since 1913. The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities is a public university located at Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Master’s programs range from 30 to 36 credits, which will take a full-time student 12 to 18 months to earn. There are numerous options for part-time studies, some of which allow you to complete your degree at your own pace. Liberty University one of the biggest Christian universities in the world. It is also one of the biggest private nonprofit universities in the US. Currently, this school has over 100,000 students and over 700 programs — with over 450 programs available for online learning.

A Respected Accounting Master’s Degree From Wgu Can Help You Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

Master’s degrees are a popular choice for accountants who want deeper expertise in their field or to specialize as forensic accountants or certified management accountants . A master’s thesis involves original research and is typically 60 to 100 pages. Capstone projects focus on applying what students have learned to solve an accounting-related problem and may include working with actual clients. Some schools may accept the GRE , but the GMAT is usually considered the standard for graduate-level business programs. Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Magazine Journalism & Graphic Design from Drake University. Lindsay’s writing focuses on adults going back to college, higher education trends, and online learning. Western Governors University was created for the new kind of student, and it uses an online competency-based model for learning.

These and other specialty positions typically require advanced degrees in accounting or CPA licensure. Moreover, financial managers earn a median annual salary of $131,710, according to the U.S.

Should You Get A Master’s Degree In Accounting? 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

If this is the case, an MBA with a concentration in accounting may be another option to consider. Having a master’s in accounting gives you a leg up on the competition and ensures you have all the tools and skills necessary to be successful in your career. A master’s in accounting puts you on the fast track for a greater salary and keeps you competitive in the current job market. Through this same process they work directly with clients and managers to assist them in reducing cost and improving their profit margins. They actively make changes to payment and record keeping systems to improve both their accuracy and efficiency. Those with a master’s in accounting will have an easier time of advancement within a given company and have the tools necessary to complete tasks that those with a CPA can not. Earning an advanced degree can also provide you with additional confidence in your abilities, preparing you to pursue leadership opportunities and advance your career.

You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. The curriculum is considered by many to be equivalent to graduate education, and charter holders often are deemed valuable in the hiring process.

  • We have put together some helpful advice and insightful questions to ask yourself if you’re considering this degree as your next move.
  • A candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree and specialized work experience in auditing, accounting, and/or tax compliance.
  • Some schools require candidates to have completed prerequisites in a campus setting , at a degree-granting four-year institution, and/or with a minimum C grade.
  • While those with a bachelor’s can secure such a job, those with a master’s have a greater opportunity to obtain one and in many cases such a degree is preferred by employers.
  • This course covers practical approaches to analysis and decision-making in the administration of corporate funds, including capital budgeting, working capital management, and cost of capital.
  • The master of accounting enrolls learners from various academic and professional backgrounds.

Graduates can pursue CPA certification or advanced careers in financial management, tax examination, or financial advising. Both online and on-campus programs can be great options for pursuing an accounting degree. I encourage students to find a program that suits their learning style and supports their career objectives.

The University of Southern California ‘s Marshall School of Business offers a variety of both undergraduate and graduate programs. An executive master of business administration degree is designed to be pursued by current senior executives.

One option is a career as a certified public accountant, since those with an accounting master’s may fulfill the required hours to sit for the exam. In general,CPAs make more than the average accountantand have more permissions. Because of the rise ofonline accounting master’s programs, the options for a more flexible path to a master of accounting are expanding. If you can’t commit to pursuing school full time or leaving your current job, consider pursuing a master of accounting online. The Big Four accounted for approximately 9% of the total postings for accountants that required master’s degrees. In either case, students are expected to complete 30 to 36 credit or semester hours in order to qualify for their degree.


If earning an MBA in accounting sounds like the right move to you, then DeVry can help. Request more info to see how enrolling in our MBA with an Accounting Specialization program can give you the tools you’ll need to advance your career. You may be required to take an additional foundation course if this was not taken during your undergraduate studies in accounting. This foundation class is offered either online or on campus during the weekend. Your admissions counselor will advise you as to whether this class is necessary. Most C-level positions require a master’s level degree on top of a strong track record.

Most bachelor’s degrees in accounting also meet the educational requirements for professional certification. Completing an accounting master’s degree may also qualify students to sit for the state’s certified public accountant exam. When choosing a field of study, students want to know that what they learn while pursuing their degree will help them excel in their careers. A master’s in accounting gives students the opportunity to gain core knowledge of business concepts, prepare for certification exams and develop into leaders of the industry.

Those with master’s degrees may feel better equipped to land these challenging yet rewarding roles. This standard requirement is 30 credit hours more than the 120 hours commonly required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. As an internal auditor you will examine the key areas of a business or organization along with financial statements, and report your findings to management.