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  • Legal Architecture


    (Español) Conocer las obligaciones legales

    The Joint Appraisal of the property rights contained in a particular area of a figure of Planning (General Urban Development Plan, Partial-order Planning,…), is regulated by the criteria set forth in the laws of the Land and state expropriation as well as by the laws of urbanism autonomous. Since CEIAM cabré alegret, it has been believed and promoted, in order to do that, there will be a comprehensive and thorough identification within the scope of the flights, activities, facilities and real rights, that they exist, and be accredited.

  • Urban Management

    ARE Almacelles

    Advice and analysis for economic urbanism management

    With the entry into force of the Law of the Land 2008 and autonomic state of urbanism 2012, are required to submit study of feasibility and sustainability in the projects of figures derived from planning. Historically, was reserved for economists to perform the economic reports. Since CEIAM cabré alegret, focusing on the real estate economy and with generalist vision of the urban process, we have always defended the involvement of the architects in this area. The understanding of the project will in a particular field urban, has led the collaborations in this field, will prove to be fruitful, because of the added value that is displayed both from the process itself as from the agents that participating.

  • Heritage

    Sostre de la nau central de la Sagrada Familia

    Advice on asset valuation

    The constitution of civil society Cabré-Alegret , until the company CEIAM cabré alegret, has been present in the day to day, the concern for the implementation in equity value. The work of larger research, it has been in the field of the patrimonial valuation, as is the case of the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi in the year 2001. Equally, the valuation in our country has been transformed internally throughout its history, now, after the Directive 2014/17 /EU, the professional exercise tends to adapt to the European standards, and for this reason, the majority shareholder of CEIAM cabré alegre have been accredited as independent experts valuadors REV (recognized European Valuer), in order to be able to continue to provide advice, with this vision European standard.

  • Architectural Projects


    What the area of architectural projects and urban planner can offer

    Our intervention could be complete or punctual in the development of Feasibility analysis, Preliminary Drafts, Basic and executive projects, Construction management and technical coordination, and I+D of Real Estate Design, incorporating in each of these processes, the legal, urban, architectural and economic advice, with a clear approach to solving the different needs created. Plurifamiliar House Detached House Building Renovation and Enlargements

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