CEIAM Cabré Alegret, S.L. is a dispatch capita integrated interdisciplinary professionals in Architecture and Urbanism with partners of recognized prestige and extensive professional experience. We offer our services to the inverter and/or consumer, in areas of architectural projects of all kinds, Real Estate Appraisals, Valuations, Urbanism.


CEIAM is a group of professionals founded in 1991 in the world of real estate economy, and focused on this aspect in the research of the value of real estate in every moment, and helping to emerge its value


CEIAM defends a comprehensive service to customers, tailored to your needs, in that work as not to be confused with a work done to the letter.


  • Trouble shooters
  • Lifelong learning
  • Innovation permanent training in the investigation of the value-added
  • Confidentiality and a treatment staff
  • Credibility based and demonstrated, compared to other public or private agencies
  • Work in multidisciplinary short series