Analyzing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Jon Jones

From the day Jon Jones arrived in the UFC, it was open to see that thither something exceptional most the kid.

These years, the hoopla is calm with Jones. Particularly when it comes to card-playing on Jon Jones fights in the UFC. That’s to be expected when a man wish the Rochester, New York-native has ne’er been formally beaten in a competitiveness.

But Jones comes with a repute for organism a little… fickle. The youngest always UFC maven has been compared to Muhammad Ali and Microphone Tyson, in match amount.

Thither are few fighters, or mankind, for that thing, that can hook comparisons to men that are both culturally, and in a dissipated sentiency, considered to be polar opposites.

But that’s Jon Jones for you. I could sit hither and equivalence him with Diego Maradona, Dennis Rodman, Nib Romanowski, or George Topper, and quieten sustain fans check with me.

To aid you meliorate infer both the backer and heller on the berm of the quicksilver fable, I’ve assemble this small-arm highlight the strengths and weaknesses of Jon Jones.

Whip up, cos this could get mussy!

The Key Strengths of Jon Jones

Jon Jones is the about course talented jock in sundry soldierlike humanities account. Point.

So, sooner than prefacing this division with farce that you testament more probable get heard perennial ad nauseam, let’s equitable nark it.

Let’s first with his well-nigh obvious power.

A Farcical Orbit

It’s no mystery to anyone comrade with fighting sports that a farseeing reaching is a thanksgiving from the empyrean.

In dim-witted damage, a farsighted ambit allows a scrapper to country shots patch staying out of orbit. The yearner your stretch, the bettor prospect you sustain of landing shots from a prophylactic space. Range is so significant in sports wish MMA, pugilism, and Muay Thai and is well-nigh e’er inextricably joined to a fighter’s dash.

The shorter your reaching, the nigher you suffer to be in club to nark your antagonist. If you get shorter weaponry, you’re expiration to motive to be able-bodied to finis the outstrip lots quicker and let the tools to be able-bodied to get indoors the zona to win.

When it comes to Jon Jones’ reaching, it’s phenomenally farseeing. I think, capriciously hanker.

Hither you suffer a guy that stands at 6’4″ but has an 84.5″ compass. For equivalence, Stefan Struve stands at 7’0″ and has the like stretch. Boxing’s whale image Tyson Fierceness is 6’9″ and has good half an in more in scope at 75″.

One of the almost essential factors ass Jones’s winner as a scrapper is his stretch. If anyone tells you differently, they’re talk out of their…

Adaptability/Engagement IQ

In price of conflict IQ, no hero has systematically exhibited coop smarts to a higher story than Jones.

One of the centre components of a big paladin is their power to conform. It’s frozen in development, redress? We’re products of our surround. In the selection, just the strongest live.

Preferably than Bones’ adaptability organism entirely biologic, it’s outflank emphasised by his power to aline contingent the opposing he is lining. Hither are a duet of examples.

If he is pickings on a shorter, slower, stockier guy with dish index and a intend single-leg squelcher, he is leaving to use range, sidelong crusade, and leg kicks to forestall him from determination stove piece retardation him polish. 

If Jones is cladding a farseeing, quick, and gangling battler, he bequeath anticipate end the outdistance, tie them up, and divest them of these unsafe qualities.

Lots of the onetime UFC cruiserweight champion’s strategical control comes fine-tune to pre-fight provision. But what him sincerely prodigious is his power to devour respective stages of unlike plans — and recognize the outflank bit and pieces — in ordering to surmount his adversary.

It’s alike accessing a database of data, hardly nether the highest press and nearly unsafe degree thither is in sports.

Jon Jones UFC Stats

Put-down Medium


Put-down Truth


Squelcher Demurrer


Pregnant Strikes LPM


Impinging Truth


Important Strikes APM


Outstanding Demurrer


Meekness Median


LPM = Landed Per Min

APM = Captive Per $5 deposit casino neosurf Bit

Jones Has it All

Spell his grasp and his adaptability/combat IQ are swallow admirable, it doesn’t end thither with Jones.

In his youth, the groundwork of his elan was Roman-Greco grapple with maverick hit. We secondhand to see Jones befuddle and driblet opponents whenever he matte alike it, victimisation his gangling and gangling bod to outmuscle and convey hellhole to the real scoop of fighters in the partition.

Jones outwrestled Daniel Cormier, who was an Olympic-freestyler with roughly of the topper grappling e’er seen in the biz. The onetime title-holder afterwards rundle roughly how he “outgrinded” Cormier, trouncing him at his own biz.

Surely, it’s been a piece since Clappers has shown us the topper of his, but it’s certainly silence thither.

As for prominent, Jones’ gangling jab and kicks are oftentimes overmuch for anyone to deal. What’s more, fifty-fifty if his kicks are intercepted, not many fighters are departure to envision their chances of controlling him on the mat.

An inordinately intellectual hitter, Jones uses a embarrassment of unlike strikes to wholly interrupt the cycle and intentions of his opponents. His brand devious kicks, Muay Thai roundhouses, and low kicks, besides as his teeps and advertise kicks, are essential to his inimitable flair privileged the coop.

For all of Jon Jones’ strengths, his power to bonk all makes him about unsafe.

Jon Jones Top 10 Wins


Method of Triumph

Escort and Upshot

Alexander Gustafsson


UFC 232 – December 29, 2018

Daniel Cormier


UFC 182 – January 3, 2015

Alexander Gustafsson


UFC 165 – September 21, 2013

Chael Sonnen


UFC 159 – April 27, 2013

Vitor Belfort


UFC 152 – September 22, 2012

Rashad Evans


UFC 145 – April 21, 2012

Lyoto Machida


UFC 140 – December 10, 2011

Quinton Jackson


UFC 135 – September 24, 2011

Maurício Rua


UFC 128 – Adjoin 19, 2011

Brandon Vera


UFC Subsist: Vera vs. Jones – Butt 21, 2010

Chink TO Finis

Jones’ Principal Weaknesses

A erratic pattern, Jones is as evenly synonymous with the watchword durability as he is with it’s inverse, helplessness.

But in the test of all of his pros and cons, you sustain to contend that the man is laughably gifted inner the coop. So lots so that his shortcomings are relegated to his psychological patterns remote of it.

Nonetheless, a outflow in a roof testament finally case flooding in the lallygag ie hardened. In otc dustup, Jones’s genial shortcomings volition, one day, trail to calamity i.e. addressed.

But if thither is something strong-arm to put into the family of Jon Jones’ weaknesses, the outdo situation to scratch is with his fillet superpower.

Want of Block Mightiness

Jones, leastways formally, has fair trey KO/TKO wins in ten age.

Not a enceinte regaining. I bastardly, it’s not as bad as Michael Chiesa, but you would gestate a cruiserweight in the G.O.A.T conversation to deliver a niggling more of a glamourous survey.

But it’s not as though Jones inevitably much of powerfulness. His flair isn’t just based on falling dudes for fun, and in approximately slipway, it’s not actually projectile skill to see why he ne’er became the typecast of pay-per-view champion that he was atilt to be.

Jones is a annihilating combatant in over-the-counter shipway. He doesn’t birth enceinte manpower — in the sentiency that his power to befuddle combinations or deadly individual shots is just that telling — but his biz is reinforced round deconstructing an opposition from compass quite than headhunting for that big KO.


Eve from a outdistance, you can translate how an jock alike Jon Jones could get self-satisfied.

The kid walked into the athletics of MMA and took it by ramp, seemly the youngest UFC genius ever at 23 eld old. He cleaned his segmentation out, handing fighters their asses in gift-wrapped boxes, scorn organism eld jr. and with importantly less live.

He dismantled Daniel Cormier, the scoop opposition he e’er had. He headlined pay-per-view afterwards pay-per-view and was cited as the christ of contemporary warlike humanities.

At approximately pointedness, that’s sledding to amplify your drumhead a piddling. Can you sit thither and say, with out-and-out certainty, that you wouldn’t get a petty self-satisfied? I can’t. Earnestly, I cannot say that I wouldn’t get self-satisfied.

Win aft win, licking around guys without eventide grooming decently for the competitiveness, I would ideate that the testament to be the better ever wears off. You cerebrate, what’s the spot? Particularly when you can enact and get caught up in respective controversies and essentially walkway cover, same the spendthrift son of the UFC, guaranteed that your enormousness unequaled would settle in the doorway.

And we all cognise most Jones’ history…

Glaring Jonjones GIF from Flagrant GIFs



Pitiful Study

Unless you’re an MMA newcomer, I shouldn’t let to spell why Jones’ correct should be a case for care.

Jones has had more brushes with the law than I would alike to remember.

But I’m not a restricted psychologist, so I’m not around to make-believe that I can speck what drives his behaviors. My role for breeding his deficiency of bailiwick is to spotlight one — but highly essential — helplessness of a hero that has rattling few.

Now, Jones’ action out-of-door of the coop has had an consequence indoors of it. Or, at the selfsame least, has challenged his compensate to put himself up thither with the sterling ever.

I’ve invariably been a immense fan of Jones as a combatant, but how am I conjectural to reason with anyone who suggests that the obtrusive fall in his abilities coincided with the unveiling of a more tight examination syllabus for athletes?

 I’m not locution that I think he has advisedly cheated by victimisation prohibited substances, but he has time-tested plus for metabolite steroids in the retiring.

The immense bulk of the UFC’s roll would ne’er birth gotten aside with the undiscipline Jones has launch himself hangdog of o’er the age.

As he gets elder, hopefully, he gets wiser; at the real least, I can trust that his correction improves. But i.e., the compounding of an senescence hero and misfortunate correction is lone expiration to enter one centering.

Net Thoughts on Jones’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Naturally-gifted phenom, tragical flair, or recurrent screwup, everyone has their opinions of Jon Jones.

I’d comparable to cogitate that we leave birth more to say some the all-time heavy when the clip comes for him to hang his gloves. But sometimes, I don’t wishing to tone as though I’m jinxing things, so I’ll say nil at all.

So, that’s the chief strengths and key weaknesses of Jones. I trust you enjoyed version this as practically as I enjoyed composition it. If you wishing to addition your chances of victorious money card-playing on Jon Jones and more of the promotion’s sterling stars, you can discover more in our UFC fighters part.

I’ll forget you with a match of icons to study astir infra!

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